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Talking to Yourself is A-Okay

Hey, we’re already to Tuesday! I hope your Monday wasn’t super painful or aggravating. Mine was…long, if I’m being honest. It was “bring your kiddo with pinkeye to work” day! Everyone’s favorite, right? I quarantined her and managed to contain her for most of the morning. (My fantastic father rearranged his schedule and took her for the afternoon. He is actually the best, in case you didn’t know.) I don’t like putting the iPad in front of her for long periods of time, but I’m also really REALLY thankful for the iPad.


Yesterday was Boston! In the running world, that’s a BFD. Real big. I didn’t have a chance to catch much coverage because of aforementioned infected germbucket child. However, I have been watching Candice Huffine with much admiration for a while now. I’ve heard her on several podcasts, and she always leaves me with googly eyes. Yesterday was her marathon debut, and she rocked it! She is so strong and amazing, inside and out. I know she inspires me at moments I need it most, and I believe she does that for so many others. Congrats, Candice!

Whether you’re a runner or endurance athlete or someone just trying to get fitter/stronger, do you talk to yourself while you do it? I’m not necessarily talking about “out loud” conversations with yourself (though if that’s your thing, you do you). But do you spend time trying to pump yourself up inside your head? I’ve heard a lot lately about the power of mantras, and I remember motivating myself during the Twin Cities 10 Mile with the words “I am strong; I am light.” One word for each footfall.

I. Am. Strong. I. Am. Light. I. Am. Strong. I. Am. Light. I. Am. Strong. I. Am. Light.

This phrase was borrowed from one of my favorites, Dimity. And I think it worked. Many others feel that way, too. So whenever you’re going through something tough, whether it be a marathon or jogging to the end of the block or swimming an extra lap in the pool, positive self-talk can help you persevere.

Another piece of good news for runners: one hour of running can add seven hours to your lifespan, regardless of other factors (obesity, smoking, alcohol-use, etc.). Time to lace up and go!

Admittedly, I’m struggling. I am struggling to run and eat well/consistently. I am struggling to say my mantra and get myself going. I keep finding big reminders to be gentle and flexible with myself, though.

Regardless, this is a phase. I will get through it, and I think this week is already shaping up to be better! Hope you can say the same.


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7/20/16: Whatever Wednesday

On my lunch break today, I was perusing the buildup of running news emails that plagues my inbox daily. I came across this article from Women’s Running and clicked on it. By the end, tears were nearly spilling into my already salty vegan ramen bowl (I’m still fighting this dang cold and all I want is sodium-laden noodle broth).

One of my greatest fears is something happening to my daughter, whether it be illness or accident. Of course, being the perfectionist I am, I tend to go above and beyond the normal level of anxiety that plagues parents over issues like this. It can keep me up at night for days in a row, imagining all the worst case scenarios. It can leave me breathless and curled up in a ball on the couch, wishing I could just hide under a blanket forever.

Of course, you probably see the irony in this. I’m not spending quality time with my daughter when my mind is overtaken by anxiety and sadness and fear.

Articles like this, although difficult to read, remind me of a couple of things.

  1. I need to enjoy the hell out of today. I need to spend time with my daughter without fear. I need to take in the sights and sounds around me rather than getting caught in my own brain.
  2. Running can heal. I’m finding this out in my own personal journey, and it is reaffirmed in someone who has traveled a road infinitely more difficult than my own. I can’t imagine Liz’s heartache. But she runs. She puts one foot in front of the other, despite unimaginable obstacles. And it helps her.

Also, I love that Heart Strides and AMR are included in this article. I did not participate in the Stride through the Holidays challenge last year, but I am certainly planning on it this year. Gotta do something to get me through that lull until the Star Wars Half Marathon in January!

Read on. Run on.

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