1/15/17: Today

Today, I should be up and in my gear and on my way to my starting corral.

Today, I should be completing my first half-marathon. Blood, sweat, tears, and fun. 

Today, I should be celebrating months of training and early mornings and sore muscles.

Instead, I’m currently in bed, unable to sleep. Restless. Frustrated. Disappointed. Hurt. Limited.

I promise you I’m trying to make the very best of this vacation. I am enjoying my time with hubby, and it is wonderful.

But there is a small cloud hanging over me, and I’d be remiss to not acknowledge it.

Regardless, we will have a good day today. I will celebrate all the amazing runners here, and I will remember that my new training plan starts in just a few days. This is just a lesson in patience and healing.

I will get there. And I’m hoping I’ll be crossing this starting line in one year: healthier, happier, and with even more pride in how far I’ve come.

Read on. Run on.


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