11/22/16: Tasty Tuesday

I woke up late this morning. Well, let me correct myself. I woke up at a proper time to get my 30-minute run done, but I fell back asleep before my feet actually hit the floor. After I finally convinced myself to get up and out the door, it was raining. And the rain was freezing. Nonetheless, I threw on my reflective “vest” and had a brief, dark, slippery 20-minute run. Hoping to squeeze in some other form of movement tonight. Maybe a few minutes on the treadmill, but I’m not happy about it. Ah, ’tis the season.


See vest here.

It seems to be a slightly more recent fad to “sneak” vegetables into food for kids. I’m not sure I necessarily can get totally behind this methodology, because I think kids need to learn to like veggies and foods of all kinds. Although I certainly see the reasoning behind it if you have a just-plain-stubborn, refuse-it-all, eater.

For me, the pickiest eater I have is my husband (sorry, dear). He has never been a huge vegetable fan, and I know he could use a lot more in his life. We all could, for that matter.

So when he asked me to pick up some ingredients at the store for cauliflower “fried rice,” I was ALL over his enthusiasm. I did some digging for recipes and found one that seemed simple enough from Hungry Girl. Even better, he prepared it himself while I played with the kiddo after a long weekend of work.

This recipe did not disappoint. (And I don’t even have a picture of it, because we gobbled it up.) Hubby and I both inhaled multiple helpings, which is totally cool in this case. Satisfying and surprisingly similar in texture to actual fried rice.

The kiddo is not a big eater. And that means of any food, regardless of what type it is. She will often try to negotiate with us to let her eat a few bites of broccoli if it means she doesn’t have to eat the rest of her pasta or cheese (I don’t even understand this or whose child we are raising). That being said, she didn’t eat a ton of this. But she DID eat this and say it was yummy. So that’s a big win, too!

I’m hoarding the leftovers for my own lunches now, but I am already counting down until next week so we can make it again. It may go into our weekly rotation.

Any favorite sneaky (or not-so-sneaky) veggie recipes in your lineup?

Read on. Run on.

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