7/7/16: Thankful Thursday

Here I am again. My resolve to post has been wavering, and my progress was unsteady (and nonexistent) for quite some time. I have a renewed passion, though, and I’ve slowly been working my way up to consistent training. Predictably, I am finding myself more able to say, “I’m having a good day.” Mentally. Physically. Spiritually. I’m able to function better when I run and take care of myself.

So without further ado, I’m going to make an attempt at my first “Thankful Thursday” post. My goal is to reflect on three things currently making my life better, whether they are related to running or not.

  1. Fresh nectarines: Okay, in general, fresh fruit is da bomb dot com right now. There’s something particularly wonderful about biting into the skin of a tangy nectarine the color of a sunset. And the fact that I have to actually pre-plan to have paper towels on hand, because they’re THAT juicy. Worth the mess.
  2. Coffee: Apparently, food and beverage consumption are at the top of my mind. In this case, I’m talking Starbuck’s dark roast. I KNOW I need to kick this habit, because it’s expensive and time-consuming and wasteful on my part. But I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. After all, this stuff is laced with some sort of crack, right? Or is it blessed by a little magical caffeine fairy?
    Okay, fine. I’ll try to limit myself to a couple cups a week…starting next week. Maybe.
  3. Dino-Toddler’s exponentially increasing verbal skills: Every day, I am cracking up and in awe and alarmed by how much vocabulary DT is acquiring. She won’t be 3 until October, but her ability to express herself through speech and song blows my mind. And is there anything much funnier than a 2-year-old randomly saying, “My butt is itchy”?
    The other morning, I was quite frustrated with her whining to be carried on the way into school. Finally, being the tough mom I am (not), I relented and picked her up. In exasperation, I asked, “What is your deal today?”  Without missing a beat, she replied, “I’m just feeling needy today, okay, Mama?”
    I laughed and agreed. All authority was compromised. I’m doing a bad job when it comes to enforcing the concept of “you can’t always get what you want.”

How’s that for totally-not-running-related? Overall, my training is going okay. I’m still slower than a turtle trudging through melted marshmallows. But I’ll get better. I have to keep telling myself that to have any sort of hope or determination.

And now that I’ve actually updated this beast, I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow through Monday. Maybe this will be a good opportunity to post the inaugural “Silent Saturday” photo. Maybe not. Low expectations, people.

Happy miles and
pages to you,

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